How to Lose Weight in a Week

Going for a beach party next week? Want to trim down all that excess fat but don't know how to lose weight in a week? There are many ways in which you can lose weight fast, even in a weeks time. However, you need to follow the right technique. Crash-dieting, taking pills or fasting will not help, as it will only make you feel weaker and look drained-out. Follow the simple tips given in this article that will tell you how to lose weight fast.

Weight Loss in a Week

Before you start adopting the methods of weight loss, there are some points you need to consider:

  • The first thing to do is to note down your weight and then decide how much you want to lose.
  • Set realistic targets for yourself. If your aim is not achievable, then you will get disheartened easily and quickly.
  • Take a note of your eating habits; the kind of food you eat, the quantity and the frequency of your meals.
  • Determine your daily calorie intake and point out the areas where you can minimize the amount of calories you consume. Maintain a log to keep track of how much calories you intake in a day and strictly follow it.
  • Have a positive attitude and be confident about achieving the targets you have set for yourself.

To lose weight, you need to make some simple changes in your lifestyle and your eating habits. Eating the right food in right quantities and at the right time, accompanied by basic exercises, is a sure-shot way to lose weight fast. Follow these tips:

  • Wake up one hour early everyday and go for a morning walk. Take a brisk walk for at least thirty minutes in the morning. If you cannot wake up early then take out some time for walking or any other form of exercise such as swimming, dancing, jogging during the day. This will help you in burning calories and also improve your stamina.
  • Have a healthy breakfast. The most common mistake that people who want to lose weight do is to skip meals. You must never skip a meal, especially your breakfast, since it is the first meal of the day and gives you energy to carry out your activities throughout the day. However, you need to pay attention to what food items you are consuming for your breakfast. Replace your oily, full of calories eggs and bacon and cheese sandwiches with lighter things such as cornflakes, whole meal bread, oatmeal, fruits etc. Instead of drinking coffee and tea, opt for alternatives such as herbal tea or even fresh fruit juices.
  • Keep some dried fruits and nuts such as almonds and peanuts with you to eat as a snack between meals, in case you feel hungry. This will not only get rid of your hunger but also give you an energy boost.
  • Have a light lunch consisting of salads and soups. Do not overeat. Always stop eating just before you realize you are full. Include green leafy vegetables in your salads with minimal dressing such as one with extra virgin olive oil. Stay away from salads that have a high-calorie dressing in them. Avoid oily, fatty food for lunch.
  • Again, in the evening, if you feel hungry fall back on your stock of dry fruits. You can even have a fruit such as an apple or banana. Always remember to have a small snack not a meal mid-afternoon.
  • For dinner, you need to again go in for something light, yet filling. You can have steamed fish with vegetables or soup. Try not to eat red meat or even chicken for dinner. It is very tough to eat something light for dinner as it is the last meal of the day and you are tired and completely famished. In this case, try to have you dinner at least three hours before you go to sleep. This will allow the food to digest properly. Never sleep on a full stomach as it will only make all the food turn into fats and store in your body.

Tips to Lose Weight in a Week

Along with the above things, you also need to keep some basic things in mind, which are:

Tips to lose weight

  • Drink lots of water throughout the day. You should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day. Water helps in flushing out the toxins from your body and helps on losing weight fast.
  • Avoid drinking tea and coffee all together, if possible. You can opt for healthier alternatives such as green tea or other herbal teas.
  • Weight loss in a week is possible by switching over lemonade instead of having sodas and other aerated drinks.
  • Substitute high-fat food items with low-fat ones. You can opt for skimmed milk instead of full fat milk or use honey instead of sugar.
  • Try to do as much exercise as you can, be it in any form.
  • Never eat while watching TV as this will make you eat more than you are hungry.
  • When you are craving for sweets or chocolates, just pop a sugar-free chewing gum in your mouth. It will help in getting rid of the cravings and hunger pangs.
  • Avoid junk food at all costs and also stay away from ice creams and desserts.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol as it can induce false hunger pangs which will make you overeat during or after having alcohol.
Keep yourself motivated throughout, while you are following the above mentioned tips. Always remember, that the trick to lose weight fast is through a combination of healthy eating and exercise. Never starve yourself as it will affect your health. I am sure this article will help to solve your problem of how to lose weight in a week.

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